Why Balance Bikes are so beneficial to child development and helps with transitioning to a bike with pedals?

Why Balance Bikes are so beneficial to child development and helps with transitioning to a bike with pedals?


If you’re a parent to a toddler you may have heard of balance bikes. The no-pedal bikes are in these days and have proved to be very helpful in kids’ learning. These are basically designed for toddlers.

These bikes have two wheels, a seat, handlebars for steering, and no pedals. These no-pedal bikes are best for kids to learn about momentum and maintaining a balance.

It’s very difficult to learn to ride a bike for kids but with interest, they get to learn quickly. Once the kid learns to maintain the balance and hold the steering accurately then they can easily make a transition into a traditional bicycle with pedals. Here’s the list of benefits a balance bike provides;


  1. Very convenient to use:

Basically, a bike has two things to offer, and i-e pedaling and balancing. The good thing about balance bikes is that they offer kids to learn one thing at a time which is balancing. The kid’s full focus is on maintaining the momentum. In that phase of learning, they not only learn to control the bike by keeping the balance but also confidence boosts in them and they also learn to move around without any hesitation by using the steering.


  1. Helps in motor skills development:

One of the most important things regarding balance bikes is that your kid develops gross motor skills when learning to ride them. The process requires patience because with patience comes perfection. So when your kid has fully learned the dos and don’ts of a balance bike, their muscle memory gets strong. Such experiences are very important for your kid’s motor skills development.


  1. Level of confidence grows:

The first experience of riding a bike with no pedals is a bit frustrating because the kid falls off from it and feels discouraged. But these ride-on bikes have a low height which reduces the chances of falling and kids can easily take the ride. Furthermore, when parents allow their kids to go out and play with their ride on the bike, it gives them a sense of independence and with their peers, they involve in playing certain games such as a bike race. Kids usually love such sorts of activities and they also like roaming on their bikes in their neighborhood. When everyone stares at them with joy, it boosts confidence in them and makes them active children.


  1. Good way to exercise:

One thing is for sure that kids like to move here and there from an early age. Their movements include crawling, jumping, running, and many endless ways they find to keep moving. When the kids are given a ride-on bike, they learn to move their feet, legs, arms, and hands. So, in a fun way their exercise is being done on a daily basis which strengthens their body and muscles. And balance bikes are the best way to fulfill their needs for exercise. 


  1. They are safe to use:

If we talk about balance bikes, they are designed in a way that their seats are closer to the ground so there are fewer chances of falling off. But if in case the accident happens the kid won’t go far away. And a balance bike can only go as fast as your child can push, which means you won’t have to worry about any high-speed crashes.

Hence, it is proved that balance bikes are much and more safer than tricycles. In balance bikes, the kids only have to focus on balancing and are prepared for the unexpected balance loss, and are there are very few chances of them falling. And once your kid has learned to ride a balance bike, soon he will be able to move to regular biking without the need for training wheels.


  1. Easy on pocket:

Many parents hesitate to purchase electronic or manual toys for their kids. Ride-on bikes are one of them. Their prices might sound expensive to the parents but they are very affordable in reality because you won’t have to purchase training wheels. On the other hand, your kid will bloom with joy upon getting a gift like a balance bike. And when you watch them ride on the bike, you’ll feel glad that you spent your money on the right thing. 


  1. Interest in going out:

In today’s time, it’s quite difficult to get your kid's attention off the screen. So, to tackle this issue, riding on balance bikes is the best choice ever. Upon gifting them to your kid, you won’t have to ask them for going out. In fact, they will ask you to take them out so that they can play with their bike. I must say that these rides on bikes are a relief for those parents who are tired of watching their kids sitting in front of the screen. 


  1. Easy transition to a pedal bike:

In order to learn to ride a pedal bike, you must first learn balance and motion. Balance bikes provide a safe foundation for learning to ride a pedal bike by familiarizing children with both of these ideas. They become used to the sense of controlling motion and momentum as they move ahead with their feet. Kids will get more comfortable putting their feet up and balancing as they practice going quicker. They'll feel unstoppable after they've mastered combining these two abilities.



The balance ride-on bikes are convenient to use, pocket-friendly and what-not. The parents won’t have to worry about the safety of their kids because they can choose the right bike by checking the height of the bike and a few other features. Spending money on these bikes will be worth it for those parents who are hesitant about getting their kids one. The kids become extremely confident and their immune system boosts up as well. All the benefits are discussed in this article so make the right choice on time, and happy reading!


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