Kids Ride On Electric Car with Remote Control | Licensed Range Rover Evoque

Any toy that can be ridden is referred to as a ride-on toy. Ride-on cars, scooters, trikes, balancing bikes, animals, and even electric vehicles fall into this category. The ride-on toys can be manual or motorized ones and can be ridden by kids above 3 years. They help in the physical growth of kids and have many other benefits. The Licensed Range Rover Evoque is one of them.

To make your little ones happy and active, we bring to you the most iconic Electric Range Rover Evoque. It has loads of features and overall a super classy look. is extremely happy to present to you this model. Most importantly, this toy car can be controlled through a remote which makes it more worth buying.

Furthermore, these toy cars make your kids active, help in the development of their motor skills, and this way they end up turning into confident adults. Most of the kids these days are neither involved in outdoor activities nor indoors due to spending much time inform of the screen. To tackle this problem, our electric ride-ons are the best to go for!

  • Features of Licensed Range Rover Evoque:

 From where to start and what to say? This car has all it to offer one would ever want for their kids to play with. Let’s discuss the amazing features of this beautifully designed toy car with remote control.

Amazing Structure & Look:

This car is styled very beautifully. It has a super lustrous structure and a milky white color in contrast with black. Also, it’s available in black and pink color as well. The headlights and taillights give a catchy and crystal look. The bonnet and front of the car look more like a sports car because of its design. To talk of wheels, they are non-slip and are very durable. To sum it up, this car is officially licensed by the original Range Rover company and looks the same as the original Range Rover car.


Manual & Parental Control:

Most parents are concerned about their child’s safety which luckily is offered by Land Range Rover in the form of remote control. Yes, you heard it right. It comes with remote control. For those kids whose feet can’t reach the pedals of the car, their parents can help them ride by taking control through the remote. Moreover, it can also be ridden by the kids themselves if their feet reach the pedals, only then. Most importantly, this car has a keyless start so there’s no hassle of starting it with a key. A power button is there to do the deed.

In-Car Entertainment:

Not only is the outer look of this car impressive but also the inner look. When you open up the door, you’ll find an amazing dashboard that offers a big round steering, power button, reverse/ forward button, Digital MP3 input, horn button, and accelerating pedal. Each of the features presents inside the car has superb functionalities. The steering helps the kid in taking hold of the car. To talk of the MP3 facility, it serves as a good source of entertainment. The kid can play the music of their own choice. Your little one can also move the car forward and backward through the help of a button located next to the steering and the same goes for the horn button. The pedal serves as a savior in times of any hurdle encounter. All in all, this one can be the car of your kid’s dreams.

Workable Doors:

The doors of this beautiful car are functional. They can open/ shut manually and can also be opened and closed through the remote. They give a very modern look and even if the door gets locked accidentally, they can be unlocked through parental control. So, the parents should be watching on their kids while they are on-ride to prevent them from any mishap.

Age & Safety:

The licensed Range Rover Evoque by can be ridden by kids between 3 to 8 years old. To talk of safety, the make and model of the car is designed in a way that assures 100% safety of the little driver. The car has nonslip tyres and is highly durable. The ride is stable on any terrain thanks to the four-wheel suspension. This electric car has a soft speed mechanism, which is unique to our premium motorized car type and ensures no unexpected jerks or stops. This means the car accelerates and slows gradually, preventing any heads from rolling around or colliding with steering wheels. Furthermore, the in-car safety includes a comfortable seat with a seat belt and a backrest. This way the kid will safely take a ride in the car and enjoy!

Equipped With A High-Quality Twin Motor:

The Range Rover Evoque Inspired Kids Ride On Car is also a powerhouse. This ride-on car is equipped with a high-quality, improved 50W twin motor and is powered by two six-volt batteries, allowing it to reach speeds of up to 8 km/h, depending on the kid's body weight and the terrain they are driving on.


  • Conclusion:

To sum it up, the Licensed Range Rover Evoque by us is one of the top-rated and sold products. Its marvelous and functional features make it more unique. The make and model of the car are classy and it looks more like a sports car. Your little ones are going to love it. Not only this but getting them this toy car will help them get rid of over-use of cellphones and their motor skills will develop by playing. Your kid’s confidence level will boost and when they ride outside the house, they will be adored by the neighbors and others.

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